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We highly appreciate it. Readers’ support through donations safeguards our essential editorial efforts and independence. Learn more about our site and the creators. Bilens chassi hade individuell hjulupphängning fram med tvärställda bladfjädrar och hydrauliska bromsar. - Bicester Heritage UK. Listed power was now 120hp (89 kW) at 4,500 rpm. By October 1937 Delage were also listing at the Paris motor show a « D8-120 » model, which was essentially a « D8-100 » with the cylinder bore/diameter increased by 4mm. DELAGE D8-120. So when I tell you that I am very impressed by the contents of your website, it is just not English politeness. The engine displacement, adding the eight cylinders together, was 3570cc in this version producing, as indicated by the name, a maximum output of 85 hp (63 kW) at 4,000 rpm. Model: Chapron Delage D8 100 Cabriolet. The "Delage D8" was powered by a straight 8 engine which was a first both for Delage and for the French auto-industry. By October 1937 Delage were also listing at the Paris motor show a « D8-120 » model, which was essentially a « D8-100 » with the cylinder bore/diameter increased by 4mm. Maybe there were other chassis on the D8-100 or the D8-120 also bodied by the same coachbuilder, but this is not certain. It is an experimental chassis, very low, ('surbaisse' in French) and features a 4.7....[continue reading] The “D8 S” was intended for sports car applications, and the shortened wheelbase was intended to optimize manoeuvrability and handling. Es gibt auch die Schreibweise Delage Type D8.100. We reach 2,5 million unique visitors per year worldwide with up to 100.0000 pageviews per day. Please tick the box if you are happy for us to use such cookies [ ] In April 1935 the manufacturer’s financial difficulties culminated in the closure of Delage plant at Courbevoie, as a result of which the D8-85 and Delage D8-105 were taken out of production. The high-end marketplace for coachbuilt cars, collectibles, limited series and one-offs. Lot 123. details. The “-15” suffix referred to the 15CV car tax band in which the smaller engine placed the car. Coachbuilder: Chapron. details. The 15CV Delage D8, like the original 23CV version, was produced both in “-Normale” versions and in a shorter wheelbase “-S” version. 1939 Delage D6 - 70 Three-Position Drophead Coupe . It helped the company achieve its world renown during the 1930s. voitures de legende (1238) : delage d8-100 franay coupe chauffeur - 1936 En 1935, dirigé par l'entrepreneur britannique Walter Watney, Delahaye reprend la société Delage en difficulté financière. Cylindrée: 4,7 Litres. A 1939/46 Delage D8/120 Cabriolet Grand Luxe (R) is shown along with a 1930 Packard in New York City June 3, 2003 before an auction by Christie's later this week. Le châssis à renfort central en X dispose d'un freinage assisté par dépression. Émile Delahaye had been producing up-market cars since 1894 and his company was known for fast motor boats and the taxi cabs it supplied to New York City. Fortunately some were saved, including this D8. La D8-120 est la dernière Delage à moteur 8 cylindres. Die Bedeutung der 100 ist unklar. Performance will have varied according to the weight of the body specified but the top speed listed for the "D8 Normale" was 120 km/h (75 mph) with 130 km/h (82 mph) listed for the "D8 S". Maintaining our (60GB!) In 1939, the jury in Monte Carlo was so impressed by the Delage D8/120 that this car, fitted with Villars cabriolet body, almost 5.5m (18ft) long, was awarded the first prize. The D8-100 was launched with a wheelbase choice between 3,630 mm (143 in) and 3,350 mm (132 in), although according to some sources the shorter chassis was delisted in 1937. On The D8-105 the engine size was the same, but the unit was modified to produce 105 hp (78 kW), while the car sat on a shortened 3,296 mm (129.8 in) chassis. Make a contribution here. The car weighed 1440kg (31751b). Voir Spécialiste des modèles de luxe et de compétition la marque fut championne du monde en 1927, Delage fut repris par Delahaye en 1935. Delage D8-100/120 (1936-39) Efter Delahayes övertagande introducerades en ny D8-modell, baserad på Delahaye 135. Les princes et les rois, les hommes d'affaires et les vedettes de cinéma veulent rouler en Delage D8. Our model enables people to support us in a way that works for them. DELAGE D8. Base car: Delage D8 100. | by NAIT Media Ventures BV. In 1933 Delage introduced the “D8-15” in which the size of the 8-cylinder engine had been reduced to 2668 cc. Estimate €80,000 - €120,000 (unsold) Osenat - Automobiles de Collection, Fontainebleau, France . Make a contribution here. At launch there were two versions of the D8 : the “D8 Normale” and the “D8 S”. 1934 : D8-85 et D8-105 (avec cylindrées de 2,7 et 3,6 L) La Grande Dépression contraint Louis Delâge à fermer ses usines de Courbevoie en avril 1935, et à revendre sa marque à son principal concurrent Delahaye [ 4 ] , dont il devient filiale des modèles haut de gamme, avec ses Delage D8-100 (de 4,3 L) et D8-120 (de 4,7 L pour 160 Km/h) [ 5 ] , [ 6 ] . Like other websites, our website uses cookies to enable us to analyse how our visitors use our website. The chassis and body were disassembled and the upholstery and the hood were completely redone. Listed power was now 120hp (89 kW) at 4,500 rpm. Delage cars were produced under that name even after amalgamation, but both Delage and Delahaye disappeared from the market in 1954. "The flagship of the Delage range, the D8 was developed by engineer Michelat and launched in 1934, and survived the merger with Delahaye without losing an … I am not a natural flatterer, I like to think that I "tell it like it is", politely I hope. Basée sur un châssis court, la D8-120 est la version sport de la D8-100. By this time the Cotal pre-selector transmission, previously an option, came included in the price of a Delage D8. Both came with the twin-plug, high-compression engine and were offered at 68,000 Francs and 75,000 Francs respectively. Like Wikipedia we offer our encyclopedia and forum as a FREE service. Manufactured by Automobiles Delage, Courbevoie, France. - N. Maltby of Car Scene International, We use almost daily as our main reference source! With this impressive Delage D8 from 1931, we can offer one of the showpieces of the French automobile industry from a manufacturer who only wanted the very best for his demanding customers. At the same time, the company kept an eye on the so-called Concours d'É/égance, which were popular at that time. 1931. 1934→1935 Delage D8-105 In 1934 Delage launched a couple variants of the D8 including the flagship D8-105. The camshaft, located in the cylinder head, was driven by a vertical bevel drive shaft. We highly appreciate it! For the “D8 Normale” there were three different wheelbase lengths: these were 3,167 mm (124.7 in), 3,467 mm (136.5 in) and 4,066 mm (160.1 in), the third of which would accommodate body lengths of more than 5 meters. Tags: 1937, cabriolet, Chapron, Delage, France. In 1927 Benoit won the Grand Prix of Montlhéry, the Monza, and the San Sebastian, making Delate the most successful racing cars of the year. In 1939 the larger engine from the D8-120 also found its way into the D8-100. The D8-100’s 8 cylinder engine was now increased to 4302cc, the cylinder bores giving rise to a fiscal horsepower of 25 CV., Power output for the « D8-100 » was listed at 90 hp (67 kW), although by 1937 105 hp (78 kW) at 3500 rpm was the value given. The Delage was started in 1939 but not finished and sold until 1946 due to the war. The Delage car factory was involved in racing from its foundation in Even the first single-cylinder car of Louis Delage was entered for races. Although the six cylinder Delages would return in 1946, after the war, the eight cylinder D-8 did not. However, the car was a commercial failure. Quatre empattements disponibles : 3.17, 3.47, 4.07 ou 3.31 m (D8 S). Greater urgency was needed over the question of where to build the cars now that the Delage factory had closed. En parallèle de la D6, Delage lança en 1929 la D8 à moteur huit cylindres en ligne de 4.061 cm3 pour une puissance de 102 ch ou 120 ch (D8 S). The “-15” suffix referred to the 15CV car tax band in which the smaller engine placed the car. Walter Watney, the British born entrepreneure who established in 1935 the Delage … Suspension was traditional, involving rigid axles front and back with semi-elliptic leaf springs and “friction dampers”. Bigger successes came with races. La D8 fu lanciata nel 1929, a pochissima distanza dal crollo della Borsa di Wall Street.Nonostante ciò, però, la D8 seppe farsi valere dal punto di vista commerciale, tanto da rubare clienti alla Bugatti, una delle sue più accanite rivali.Non a caso, la D8 è una delle Delage più conosciute. DELAGE doit alors s’adapter et lance également une D8 en version « de crise » sous la dénomination DELAGE 14CV DS 1934 Delage D8 - 15 Cabriolet Chapron . Their chassis attracted the latest styles of coachbuilding by top European Carrossiers including Antem, Chapron, Coachcraft, Figoni, Franay, Labourdette, Letourneur et Marchand, Pourtout, Saoutchik, Vanvooren, and De Villars." Scaglietti, XK Jaguar, Drogo… 100 cars in concours at Britain’s hottest new classic motoring event: AUTO ROYALE. Buy tickets here. Chassis 38186 is fitted with this rare option. This special one-off two-seater was bodied and styled by the de Villars firm on a Delage chassis, closely following original 1938 design sketches. 1936 DELAGE D8 100 Châssis n° 50777 Moteur 8 cylindres Cylindrée : 4 302 cm3 Carrosserie Autobineau Carte grise françaiseLa Delage D8 est le modèle «grand luxe» de la marque Delage. CLASSICS AT THE PALACE: CONCOURS D'ELEGANCE PALEIS SOESTDIJK The Netherlands 28 + 29 August 2021. This is's model for open, independent information provisioning. Historique [modifier | modifier le code]. The D8-100 was a long-wheelbase version while the D8-120 used a shortened wheelbase. Power was delivered to the rear wheels through a four speed manual gear-box featuring synchromesh on the upper two ratios. Most content is now restricted to registered members only. In spite of all this success the company suffered from financial difficulties, and in 1935 Louis Delage had to sell out to the Delahaye car factory. La Delage D8 - 100 ou D8/100, cette voiture ancienne fut produite en 1936 avec une motorisation d'une cylindrée de 4.3 L présentant une puissance de 105 ch. Then we have at Category:Delage Type D8 only subcategories for the different models. Sep 23, 2019 - Explore Randall Jolin's board "Autos - Delage D8 120" on Pinterest. 23 March, 2019. The D8-85 was the less extreme in terms of ultimate performance, offered with a choice between a 3,378 mm (133.0 in) and a 3,578 mm (140.9 in) chassis. See more ideas about antique cars, classic cars, vintage cars. I am overwhelmed by the research that has gone into compiling the list of coachbuilders/bodybuilders for Europe and North America. In 1939 the larger engine from the D8-120 also found its way into the D8-100. 2007 - 2021 --Buch-t (talk) 08:11, 16 February 2020 (UTC) The lesser performance of this version of the Delage D8 moved the model downmarket in the direction of volume automakers such as Citroen who were already working on a 16 CV 6 cylinder version of their newly introduced Traction model (although the project seems to have been a low priority for Citroën and the car in question would only appear in the market, initially very cautiously, in June 1938). But even for cars of this quality, their existence came to an end. Five of these were variations on the sumptuous coupé chauffeur, or Sedanca, body style mounted on chassis 50770, the main difference being the rear end and trunk treatments. C’est en 1931 que sort la prestigieuse DELAGE D8 à moteur 8 cylindres (D8-100/120).. Unique reference work cataloging 5,493 companies and 1,806 personalities from the coachbuilding branch, from the end of the 19th century,, Dictionary of World Coachbuilders and Car Stylists. It used a 3,570cc inline-8 engine designed by Arthur-Léon Michelat. - Schloss Dyck Classic Days, We use all the time for references! As for D8-100 but 130ins wheelbase and 3.9 axle, which should give it 100mph but doesn't quite, owing to excessive weight: a Grand Sport Hotchkiss or 135MS Delahaye will show it a clean pair of heels. The Delage was designed by Georges Paulin and built by the coach-builder Pourtout for Louis Delage's personal use, and very much to his careful design specifications. Son étude date d’avant la crise financière de 1929. The first D8 to be produced at the Delahaye Paris plant under the new arrangements was the D8-100. In England, a special "Super-Sports 100" dealer-fitted option was available, consisting of four SU carburetors – so named because the retrofit put the Delage D8 S chassis into the exclusive club of automobiles capable of achieving 100 mph. Basée sur un châssis court, la D8-120 est la version sport de la D8-100.. La D8-120 est la dernière Delage à moteur 8 cylindres.Celui-ci a été conçu par Delahaye. However, with the declaration of war in 1939 and the invasion of northern France, in 1940, passenger car production came to an end, as the Delahaye plant was taken over by the German military occupation. The arrangements with Delahaye were worked through over a period of several years, with Delage effectively a Delahaye subsidiary by 1938. Delage moved up to Grand Prix racing in 1912, with a Léon Michelat -designed car powered by a four-valve 6,235 cc (380.5 cu in) (105 by 180 mm (4.1 by 7.1 in)) four-cylinder of 118 hp (88 kW; 120 PS), coupled again to a five-speed gearbox and fitted this time with 43 imp gal (200 l; 52 US gal). With millions unique viewers per year our community and archives now reach record numbers around the world. "These cars were designated D8-100 and D8-120, and had an engine capacity of 4.3 liters 3.15- x 4.21-inch bore and stroke. It had an in-line eight-cylinder 4060 cc engine, with bore and stroke of 77x109mm. Specifications. Celui-ci a été conçu par Delahaye. According to Delage historian Daniel Cabart, Franay built a mere six cars on the D8-100 chassis from 1936 to 1939. It was first shown at the Concours de l’Auto de Printemps in 1938, and was presented by Madame Richer-Delavau, wife of the owner of Bayard’s Garage in Paris. These two cars competed in the 1939 24h Le Mans and one of them - # 21 driven by Louis Gerard and Georges Monneret - led the Bugatti 57 G tank for much of the race. Categories: Chapron. NL854134098B01 Find your dream car on Glenmarch. En 1933, une D8 15 (pour 15 CV fiscaux) fit son apparition. I am not sure if it is right to keep Category:Delage Type D8.120, Category:Delage Type D8.15, Category:Delage Type D8.105 and Category:Delage Type D8.100 directly under Category:Delage automobiles. The solution already in place by 1936 involved continuing production of Delage engines and retaining other mechanical components, but installing them on existing Delahaye chassis. The drum brakes operated on all four wheels. The 4061cc engine featured an overhead centrally positioned camshaft and a listed maximum output of 102 hp (76 kW) at 3,500 rpm for the “D8 Normale” and 120 hp (89 kW) in the “D8 S” version. The lesser performance of this version of the Delage D8 moved the model downmarket in the direction of volume automakers such as Citroen who were already working on a 16 CV 6-cylinder version of their newly introduced Tractionmodel (although the project seems to have been a low priority for Citroën and the ca… Für ähnlich benannte Modelle siehe Delage Type D.8. The same year saw the launch of the “D8-85 » and the « D8 105 ». In 1933 Delage introduced the “D8-15” in which the size of the 8 cylinder engine had been reduced to 2668 cc. Learn more about our advertising and sponsorship options. Delage's last pre-war model was the D8 120, which was powered by a 4.7-litre straight eight based on the six-cylinder Delahaye 135 engine. Unlike many web publications, we haven’t put up a paywall – our information remains accessible to all, so more people can exchange and have access to accurate information with integrity at its heart. Delage D8-100 (1936 - 1940) The arrangements with Delahaye were worked through over a period of several years, with Delage effectively a Delahaye subsidiary by 1938. For this, they built two cars bodied by Olivier Lecanu-Deschamps and powered by the six-cylinder 3-litre Delage engines. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - Aug 15, 2021. Walter Watney, the British born entrepreneure who established in 1935 the Delage sales and marketing company “SAFAD”  remained in post till 1940. However, the Delage D8-15 had been withdrawn by the end of 1934. The D8 as the top “mainstream” Delage model, turned up, during the second half of the decade, with various fabulously aerodynamic profiles. Moteur: 8 Cylindres. Profilo. With a chassis price of 105,800 francs, some 60% above that of the Delahaye, this last of the D8 line was a very expensive car. - Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, We are very impressed by your website! Naturally, the cars were bodied by the very best of Europe's coachbuilders. A big six-cylinder model with a 1 litre capacity for each cylinder was built. In 1937 the D8-100/120 was introduced at the Paris Auto Show. In 1939 the larger engine from the D8-120 also found its way into the D8-100. The cars are part of 40 rare and vintage motor cars on display in the Rockefeller Center plaza. La Delage D8 s'installe au sommet de l'automobile française des années 20, comparable seulement aux Hispano-Suiza. Listed power was now 120 hp (89 kW) at 4,500 rpm. After the First World War the company tried to make its mark in the luxury range. The D8 series eight cylinder engine developed by Maurice Gaultier became the best engine of all Delage models. Build period: 1937. The D8-105 was offered in Sport and Légère (Light) versions. The D8 was a glamorous car with its very imposing radiator that had similarities to Hispano Suiza. In this period Delahaye were producing cars with fashionably flamboyant bodies from bespoke body builders such as Figoni et Falaschi and Saoutchik, and the Delage cars followed the same trends. Congratulations on an excellent website. Der Delage Type D.8.100 sowie die modellgepflegte Version Delage Type D.8.100 B waren Pkw-Modelle der französischen Marke Delage. is the premier encyclopedia, forum and marketplace dedicated to Special Coachbuilding, unique cars and the numerous coachbuilding companies that created so many wonderful pieces of automotive artwork throughout the decades. In 1934 a 12-cylinder Delage won the perfection contest in Cannes, where it was exhibited in a coupé-de-ville version. Having spent many thousands of hours we run this website as a collective effort for you and fellow enthusiasts, aiming to help preserve this unique part of automotive heritage. By October 1937 Delage were also listing at the Paris motor show a « D8-120 » model, which was essentially a « D8-100 » with the cylinder bore/diameter increased by 4mm. A machine tool company purchased the main factory in Courdevoie. At the 1929 Paris Motor Show a new model, D8, was introduced. Delahaye, another famous automobile manufacturer of the time, bought the rights to manufacture cars under the Delage name. The four-speed gearbox and the engine were one solid block. The rigid front axle was suspended on semi-elliptic leaf springs. Forum link: I have never heard of the vast majority of them. 1937 Delage D8-100 Cabriolet 51005 – sold for €286,080 Delage D8 has undergone a comprehensive restoration in the 1980s at Lecoq workshop, acknowledged to be the ultimate restorer at the time. Immédiatement après sa mise en liquidation volontaire en avril 1935, Louis Delage se remet immédiatement au travail et avec l'aide de la société Delahaye qui a été choisie pour la fabrication des. Estimate $500,000 - $600,000 (unsold) Bonhams - The Amelia Island Auction, Amelia Island, USA . © Delage D8-85 and Delage D8-105 (1934 – 1935), Bespoke coach built body, coupé, cabriolet, sedan/saloon , roadster. The 4.7 produced 86kW at 4200rpm and 245Nm at 2000rpm, driving through a Cotal four-speed electric pre-selector gearbox. Help Motor car go into the future >>>  Register for website here. Sports saloon, aerodynamic saloon, drophead coupé, various specials. Delahayes were still powered by six cylinder engines, and the Delage D8 was the top model produced under either brand. The touring version developed 59.2kW (80hp), the sports 66.2kW (90hp). I of course love the subject matter but you deal with it in an energetic and respectful manner. EVOlution Graphics B.V. Hilversum, The Netherlands KvK 60955899 VAT Nr. Motorn var närmast en åttacylindrig version av Delahayes sexa. Delages came 2nd and 3rd in the 1924 French Grand Prix in Lyon, and a year later the outstanding racing driver Robert Benoit won this event in a Delage. Delage’s pushrod-ohv, in-line eight-cylinder engine displaced 4744cc in D8-120 guise (following a 4.3-litre D8-100). website, database and forum is a huge effort. Coachbuilders who had traditionally worked closely with Delage during the years of independence, chief among them Letourneur & Marchand and their subsidiary, Autobineau, were also responsible for many eye catching D8 bodied cars during this time.

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